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Lengo Letu

Our goal is to be a market leader by providing the best gemstones Africa has to offer whilst showcasing African luxury at its finest.


Sharing is caring-we give an opportunity to learn basic gemmology and faceting.Yet we would also love to learn so please join us and share your knowledge and expertise

Jamii Yetu

Community means everything to us. We do everything in our capacity to empower both men and women in artisanal mining and in the mining community. Our childrens education is imperative hence our efforts in supporting our less fortunate children have a sparkling future.


The earth needs healing and nurture. Our mining responsibly takes care of the earth by reclamation and restoration for future generations.

This is a little story about us


Porini Gems is a Kenyan based company,by Kenyans for the world. Porini in Swahili means Jungle;our love for our wildlife and interaction with them out in the mines based in the jungle was the inspiration behind our name.We officially established ourselves us a small gem dealing company in 2014 and we are slowly and proudly growing. We have created a strong Kenyan brand by exhibiting and making our presence felt in the international market. We are proving our international worth by providing the best gemstones. Our strongest principle is offering the best responsibly and ethically sourced and mined gemstones from Kenya and around the continent of Africa. Bridging the gap between mine to market whilst creating a strong value chain.Our aim is to be an impeccable market leader,offering excellent quality gemstones, providing the best services and empowering the mining community. Follow us in our quest to change the world, one gem at at time.


Diana Atieno, C.E.O & Founder

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Brand’s History

Diana Atieno- CEO and Founder of Porini Gems decides to drop it all and go on a quest into the gem world. Initially calling the company Asscher Limited, after a company that long inspired her Royal Asscher. ‘Little did I know that I would go global. My thought was it would be just a small company operating out of Nairobi in Kenya’ says Diana

Diana decides to go international by attending gem shows around the world. This makes her reconsider changing the name to avoid conflict with the well known company. She chooses to re register the company officially calling it Porini Gems ‘I was working from the mines a lot,my favourite place to be in the entire industry. And each time we are out there we say in Swahili tuko Porini. Meaning we are in the jungle. So I chose to call the company Porini Gems loosely translated as Jungle Gems’ The name was unique and authentic and so we became Porini Gems

In 2015 we begin our first exhibitions in the United states. Exhibiting in Las Vegas and Tucson. Our movements go further into Europe, the middle East and Asia. Attending different shows and delivering to different clients around the world. Creating a name for ourselves

We hold a major miners forum in Voi with local miners to discuss ways in which we can make mining better, we also hold a conference in Nairobi termed the gem affair.These were our small ways in which we can improve the industry locally from mine to market

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You have made the best
choice by paying us a visit.
We leave no stone unturned
in pleasing you our dear
esteemed customer.

Our stones are crafted
with love to express
love and give love.
In pursuit of making
the world a better
place one gem at a time.

We are on our toes
to offer the highest
quality products and
services a company can offer.
With each step we move
further into excellence.

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+254 20 246 5555


1108 00606 Sarit Centre, Waiyaki Way, Westlands, Nairobi.