Tsavorite is one of the most sought after gemstones in the world.

1967, British gem prospector and geologist Campbell R. Bridges discovered the green gem in deposits in Tanzania and then began prospecting in Kenya. A marketing campaign with Tiffany & co in 1971 led to the stone being named Tsavorite after the place it was abundantly available in, Tsavo,Kenya.

Tsavorites are rare in sizes above 1 to 2 carat. It is a much sought after gemstone due to its brilliant green colour. Chromium and Vanadium provide the stone with its lustrous green colour. Tsavorites in larger than 2 carat are rare and fetch premium prices, even higher is if the stone is top tier and has no inclusions visible to the naked eye.

This exceptional stone is the most priced of all garnets and its price can well exceed that of emeralds. Known as the only ‘honest’ gem or gem of truth, Tsavorite requires no treatment whatsoever to enhance its colour or beauty.

A most priced possession indeed,This is an investment that will never go wrong as Tsavorite prices only appreciate in value.

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