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Our portfolio consists of Gemstones, Pearls and custom made Jewellery.

We have a wide array of precious and semi precious stones. Our Ambassadeur stone being Tsavorite which is a stone Named and found in the Taita hills area of Tsavo. Quite close to home and a popular gem that we carry is the Tanzanite that is named after our neighbouring country Tanzania. All our gemstones are sourced only in the continent of Africa. With Sapphires from Madagascar, Emeralds from Zambia, Diamond from different Southern African countries amongst others.

About 2 years ago we added a pearl collection. Having achieved certification in pearls. It was time that we carried this in house. We have cultured fresh water pearls and Salt water pearls that we source from different places around the world. Pearls are elegant and timeless. And even though we don’t have a huge cultured pearl industry in Africa, we still felt that we should bring it home and around the world in unique designs that are elegant,chic and exquisite.

In 2021, We started getting orders for jewellery and even though we didn’t do finished jewellery we were strongly inspired by our loving clients who had faith in us. It was a challenge and many lessons were learnt in the process, but we are confident now that we can deliver strongly on exquisite pieces made in house that bring forth the beauty of the gems that we mine and source from around our continent.

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