Stones that are forever

Stones that are forever

Stones that never go out of trend and are always in high demand are the precious range of gems.

Diamonds which come as white/clear and coloured diamonds which are top  most of the range fetch extremely high prices. Sapphires, this royal blue gem is revered by all, its a pricey stone that not many can afford. Some of the best colour in Sapphires come from Madagascar. Another precious gem that is forever is the emerald, this green stone is hard to find in clean non included pieces. Emeralds with no inclusions are so rare that if found the prices are mind bloggling. Rubies also fall in this country, rubies are red and the most sought after is the pigeon blood red ruby.

A stone that has gained traction over the last few years and now falls in this category is the Tsavorite. This brilliant green stone is hard to come by in larger pieces. Pieces above 2 carat will cause a dent in your wallet but is worth every penny. This is a forever stone that will span generations. It is nothing short of showstopping and is a conversation starter in every occasion

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